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As a developer, I get benefits from open source community every now and then. Some open source projects are helping me meet the deadline, some are inspiring my thinking. I admire Richard Stallman who advocates free software movement since 80s.

I developed some gadgets and utilities for my own usage. I would like to make some of them FREE and OPEN.  Because of time, I have to put them one by one, and have to prepare some docs. It indeed takes time.

Project index:

1. iDiner
2. Kimport
3. fla-img-sw
4. bing! site search plug-in for wordpress

Project: iDiner
Description:  iDiner is a project utilizing JSF, JBoss SEAM and EJB3.0 to demostrate the online catering service. This project is originally issued by Max.
License: MIT License
Project Home:


The zipped package of iDiner is consist of JBoss data source configuration file (in XML format) and EAR package. Place these two files to the default deploy directory of JBoss App Server (v5.0.1GA or above), then start the server. You can download the zipped file on the project home.

Max is a good friend of me. Most of his source codes are easy to read and meaningful. So we don’t have too much documents on this project. However Max tell me that he will provide some documents on how to start a cutting-edge JSF programming and SEAM tutorials on his blog.

Project: Kimport
Description: Import data from excel (Excel2003) to joomla data table. It’s an administrator-oriented utility.
License: GPLv3.0
Project Home:
Relevant resource:

  1. Kimport v1.5.0 for joomla 1.5.x Released
  2. Kimport v1.5.0 installation guide
  3. Howto: Import data from Excel to joomla table using Kimport v1.5.0
  4. Howto: Create “Cash on Delivery” payment Varied from Different Postcodes for Virtuemart
  5. Kimport critical update: v1.5.1


Project: fla-img-sw
Description:  Show the images using flash
License: GPLv3.0
Project Home:
Relevant resource:

  1. fla-img-sw: yet another open source stuff
  2. Howto: Show your images using fla-img-sw


Project: bing! site search plug-in for wordpress
Description:  a widget for site search on wordpress
License: GPLv3.0
Project Home
Relevant resource:

  1. bing! site wide search plug-in for wordpress

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