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Don’t you think that Twitter is so boring …?

Twitter is good for the people who’s getting tired for the ordinary life, I guess. The tedious blogging, facebook and other SNS stuffs always rob your brain. Maybe I just don’t need such a thing to keep tracking what I am doing.

But from technician’s view, I like the API provided by Twitter. They are RESTful web services that you can access via http. Cool.

fla-img-sw: yet another open source stuff

I am happy to annouce the release of the following open source stuff which is images rollover flash movie clip (or you can call it HTML flash component). It looks like a gadget other than a whole project. Once you get the source code, you may open the fla source file with Adobe Flash 8.0 or higher version.

This gadget I developed can be dated back to 2 years ago, and the primary progamming language is ActionScript 2.0. My client requires a image rollover component that can easily embed to the existing website, that give me the chance to develop such a flash toy. It is small in size and quite efficient in runtime. The open source version is the original verion. You can find a demo in Product Demo, which is the  commercial version. The commercial one has been changed a little bit to fit my client’s need. The open source one contains smooth transition effects when switching images and browsing the thumbnail. My client don’t like those special effects. 

You can download the full version of the flash image rollover component on:

Or just simply get the source code via: 

svn checkout fla-img-switch-read-only

Enjoy. :-)

Develop with pleasure, don’t they?

After a trial of using RoR to develop a new website, I could really feel what and how they call Ruby is a programming language of please. It’s so easy to use and change people’s mind on development. I think the reason why RoR becomes a buzzword due to the contemporary client-side web development playing an important part of the development phrase. Technically speaking, RoR simplifies the boring process of website development: also according to DRY principle. Moreover, the build-in AJAX support is inspiring too.  

Have you ever seen the recently movie Red Cliff the 2nd episode directed by John Woo? It tells a story about Three Kingdom period of ancient China. One of the main actor in the movie is called ZhuGeLiang who is well-known and prestigious as a strategist as well as politician in Three Kingdom period. What he said I quoted “Life is colorful if you know everything a little”. That’s true. Back to the scene we just talking. RoR is a good technique that everyone is encouraged to learnt, not because it makes you happy, but also because it changes the way you gonna be happy.

Hmmm, easy to read is the 1st priority

What the…? My blog renew with a ugly face.. Because I think easy to read is most important, then the priority will be wide use, i mean the blog ought to be read by not only modern browsers but also handheld devices. Last should be the beautiful face, an attractive look of the website is less important than the contents. agree? :-)

Williams town: Extraordinary traffic accident

Today i went to williams town. i would like to enjoy the beautiful sea view again. to be supprised,  there was a traffic accident, stupid, wierd, you never seen that before. guess what? a boat crashed into street. It blocked the traffic for about one hour.

but the williams’ beach looks still good. that’s courage. i love the boats there. :)

Take all the public transport for free?