Category Archives: Living in Victoria Weather Channel Weather Channel is released today using RSS 2 Json service. For now only have Melbourne, Adelaide and 3 cities in between. Just for my convenience :-)

If you want to make yours, just download the source code yourself: Source Code

The weather service makes use of weather RSS from Yahoo! weather channel. And change to client side RSS to Json converter in (A Simple Rss2Json Service Released!:  So make sure you have javascript supported browser either on the phone or pc.

And here it is: :-)

REMIX10 – Share the Web Love, Late Update

I almost forget the interesting 2-day event or you can say “meeting” in Melbourne. The idea of this conference is to show Microsoft developer the latest development kits and to let technical or IT people catch up each other. $300 for joining the meeting but I got it for free. Thanks to my boss to give me such great opportunity to join the great event.

I got 2 souvenirs, such as t-shirt, caps, but all are related to Microsoft stuff. You want to get the t-shirt? well, need to make some efforts. Everyone who attends the meeting will get a magic cube from the host, and need to fix the cube to a designated image. After all, once cubes are fixed, the host sorts them out and put them in a frame, to shape a IE icon:

The Frame of Magic cubes

The Frame of Magic cubes,Everyone is involved

I think the most useful sessions are about how jQuery works peacefully with ASP.NET and VS.NET 2010 new features, and one interesting session talking about the future data representation, and introduce Pivot. Microsoft considers the cooperation with jQuery is a giant step forward, and shows its ambitions to open source community. Microsoft starts to contribute to open source community and make a lot of effort towards it, look forward to seeing its powerful tool released in months to come.

Frankly Speaking - Talk Show in REMIX10

Frankly Speaking - Talk Show in REMIX10

One thing somehow a little bit disappointed me is on this event, Microsoft doesn’t show any thing about HTML5 and CSS3, I think because Microsoft more focuses on sliverlight technology?

Giant Hail Storm Hits Melbourne at 2pm Saturday

Never seen this before. In the morning I just plan to go outside, but unfortunately or you may say luckily something wrong with my navigation, I could not turn it on! Then I stay home and try to fix my GPS.  About 2pm, it turns a sudden rain, heavily. Soon I heard some noises from the roof, become louder and louder, even deafening. I think the house is gonna break down! My goodness. It is a big hail storm. Hitting the tree, house and the car outside.

The hailstones are no where!

And the power is cut for about 4 hours.

Here is the abridged news from

Hailstones the size of golf balls have hit the suburb of Melton, in Melbourne’s west, as a line of storms moved through western Victoria.
Melton, on Melbourne’s northwest fringe,  was one of the first suburbs to feel the storm’s wrath.
(Tell you what, Melton is the place where I plan to go, roughly 35KM from CBD Melbourne.)

Lucky me! I love my GPS, really love it. Actually I blame it why it stops working when I get into the car. But now I understand, it stops to save me from hitting by the hailstorm! And always give me direction when I am lost.

Fire with explosion near Kensington station

10 mins ago I was woken up by an explosion and interval of noise. Then I heard a siren coming far away. I stood up and saw a fire in the park need Kensington station! It was dark, couldn’t see clearly, the noise sounded like a car explosion. I took a picture for this. within a minute the fire was put out. Hopefully nobody gets hurt on this accident.