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Koumei – A guy who loves “D.I.Y. “

Today I found some photos on my backup disk about D.I.Y. the outlook and skin of my laptop 2 years ago. I would like to share these photos here :).

I still can’t figure out how and what makes me to do it…:) It needs gut, because I have to take it apart, and take the risk of being unable to assemble it.

Take a look at the photos:

Take it apart!

Preparing… Spray, tape, knife and sandpaper.

Spray on the shell and paste some stickers, of course, it is perfectly assembled.

It looks wonderful, isn’t it? The skin is printed using the same wallpaper on the laptop:


iKcod – Homebrew iPod/iPhone Car Dock

How to make it? Well, if you don’t like paper work nor D.I.Y, then skip it, go to $2 shop straight away, get yourself a $3 phone dock and hang it in your car. If you like D.I.Y, just make sure you have:

1. 210gsm paper from Office Work, about $1.50, Easy.

2. You might need a scissors and some staples.

3. Glue is optional instead of using staples.

Then cut the paper alongside the line, as the picture shown below.


Fold it.

Hang it in your car.

That’s the pager dock for iPod or iPhone. Using with FM transmitter would be absolutely great! I call it “iKcod”, which is reversed of “Docki”, and match the pattern of “iPod”, it IS really nice.