Cordova Geofence Plugin Swift 3 version

Cordova Geofence Plugin is a great app when you need to implement the geofence function on your app. However, the original version only supports swift 2.3, which is painful for new Xcode (8.3+). I fork the project and make some changes and let it support swift 3. Hope it will be benefit for all the developers.

I have put it to my GitHub. Please refer to:

cordova plugin add

The updates:

  • Update SwiftyJSON.swift, from, it is officially supporting swift 3.
  • SwiftData.swift, the author doesn’t upgrade to swift 3, so I have to update it myself
  • The plugin itself.
  • Add @Objc to swift functions

Plugin to monitor circular geofences using mobile devices. The purpose is to notify user if crossing the boundary of the monitored geofence.

Geofences persist after device reboot. You do not have to open your app first to monitor added geofences

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