3D Image Howto – A Simple Technique To Create 3D Vision

3D has been popular recently and become common ever since James Cameron filmed Avatar in 3D. Nobody can resist its marvellous effects. If the visual effect has already been impressive then 3D vision will make it double.

Well, 3D movie is not easy to make in contrast to 3D still picture. With photoshop, you can easily make your picture/photo shown on 3D. Of course, to gain the 3D vision, you have to get a red-cyan 3D glasses first. You can even make it yourself, but trust me, it’s cheap just search on eBay.

First of all, you need to know a little bit about the color channel system and layer system in photoshop. In a word, if you know photoshop well, making 3D still picture is just a piece of sushi. :)

Normally we need to take 2 photo (towards the same object or view) to simulate the left and right eye vision, then render them (project them) into the same place, We need to use the red-cyon glasses to filter the different color to cheat human’s eye that there is a depth of the object to form 3D vision. But In our case, we just have one photo, so need to use some powerful tool like photoshop to separate the color channel and combine them together.

Let’s do it now. First of all, you need to get a photo which you would like to make it 3D. Well, theoretically can be any picture. But better use some simple for practicing at the first time. You need to adjust detailed part of picture to make the depth of vision vary ( make it more 3D)

In this example I would like to use Ninja Gaiden Sigma II poster, I am fascinate in Ninja Gaiden series ever since XBOX age. It is considered to be the great action game in the world, even now, I don’t think there is an action game can beat it. But believe me it’s more vicious and violent when comes to episode 2 (Ninja Gaiden II and Ninja Gaiden Sigma II), please play this game with parent guided. :)

Download this picture(wallpaper from Tecmo official website):

Open it on photoshop, of course, you can DIY some decoration on this photo first.

1. Duplicate the image into 2 layers. Select the 1st layer, and go to channel panel, and delete whole red channel to create left eye vision, like the picture shown below:

2. Select the 2nd layer and do the same thing, but this time, remove Green and Blue channel to create right eye vision:

3. Select the top layer ( in this case, “layer 1 copy”), and then select “Multiply” color bending to combine those 2 layers:

Now you should be able to preview your picture using the red-cyon glasses. But, the 3D vision is not so strong, because we are not using 2 pictures and we just simulate these pictures are captured by both eyes. So need to adjust the detail part of the image to create more real vision.

Just take the Ryu Hayabusa’s foot as an example. As the picture shows, the foot should be closer to the camera, so we need to adjust the right eye vision a little bit, to create closer look:

4. Select the foot part of the body:

Use move tool to move the distance right a little bit, like 2 pixels. After moving the foot part, you can see there is a while gap between ankle and leg, So we need to fix this:

5. Select smudge tool to blur the gap:

6. Repeat the detailed adjustment like head, hand and the sword.

7. Finally: (Click to open to see the full image)

More :)

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