Giant Hail Storm Hits Melbourne at 2pm Saturday

Never seen this before. In the morning I just plan to go outside, but unfortunately or you may say luckily something wrong with my navigation, I could not turn it on! Then I stay home and try to fix my GPS.  About 2pm, it turns a sudden rain, heavily. Soon I heard some noises from the roof, become louder and louder, even deafening. I think the house is gonna break down! My goodness. It is a big hail storm. Hitting the tree, house and the car outside.

The hailstones are no where!

And the power is cut for about 4 hours.

Here is the abridged news from

Hailstones the size of golf balls have hit the suburb of Melton, in Melbourne’s west, as a line of storms moved through western Victoria.
Melton, on Melbourne’s northwest fringe,  was one of the first suburbs to feel the storm’s wrath.
(Tell you what, Melton is the place where I plan to go, roughly 35KM from CBD Melbourne.)

Lucky me! I love my GPS, really love it. Actually I blame it why it stops working when I get into the car. But now I understand, it stops to save me from hitting by the hailstorm! And always give me direction when I am lost.

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