Lab – Analysis Utility for Dentist – Schwartz-Korkhaus Model

Idea for creating this gadget is to minimize the time for calculating the data gathering from the dental study model. My existence is to reduce the repetition and complexity. :-)

Email me if you need such gadget. It’s free to use for all the dentists.

After input the data of A,B,C,D,B1 and C1, the gadget can print it as PDF and the filename is set to patient’s name automatically.



23 thoughts on “Lab – Analysis Utility for Dentist – Schwartz-Korkhaus Model”

  1. Hello,I’m in the process of starting up my own website.  I enjoyed your post so much that I would like to mention it on my site (with full attribution of course).Is that okay with you?Thanks!Sandy

  2. That is really helpful. It gave me a few ideas and I’ll be placing them on my blog eventually. I’m bookmarking your site and I’ll be back. Thank you again!

  3. hi, it’s great idea,
    I’m just preparing my ow form of S-K analysis and find this site.
    Could you send me this gadget,
    thanks a lot

  4. Could you forward a copy of the Lab analysis to me I think it works quite well and a lot easier than paper copies.


    Mario Garita

  5. Could you please send me the Analysis Utility for dentists – Schwarz-Korkhaus?

    Many thanks

  6. This seems to be a useful utility, I would appreciate if you could send it to me.

  7. Hi there :)

    My names Dr Andrew Johnson, General practioner with a interest in orthopaedics/orthotropics, From New lambton, 2305, N.S.W, Australia, just wondering if its possible for you to send us a hard clear copy of the chart via post???


    Dr Andrew Johnson
    02 49574830

  8. Hello,

    It’s been a year since my request.

    Are you able to email the utility to me?

    Much appreciated


  9. Hi Koumei:
    I left a message on your blog in 2013 regarding the gadget for dentist (Schwartz-Korkhaus Model). It would be incredibly generous of you to send me a copy. I am incredibly in need of a gadget like this.
    My deepest appreciations, Kal

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