WordPress Widget: Client-side RSS util, The Web Klip Released!

The original WordPress (2.7+) provides RSS clip widget from the other website. It looks good but it is server-side script that may occupy the server resource to interpret the RSS. I don’t like that approach. So I decide to create a client-side script that loads rss from other website or blog.

If you want to try, just download the widget on http://www.koumei.net/download/wp-webKlip.zip , then unzip to wp-content/plug-ins/ folder, and activate the plugin and add widget to you wordpress blog.

Before using this widget, there are some notes you should know:

  1. Defects:
    Currently only support ONE RSS excerpt.
    Only shows the first RSS item.
    jQuery should be included on your blog.
  2. Usability:
    Site that provide at least 1 item RSS feed could be refered by this widget.
  3. Extension:
    Multiple-RSS and rollover will be available  on next release.

The Demo:

Picture 1. The plugin will be shown after you copy the unzipped file to your plugin folder
Picture 2. Add the widget to the “Widgets” menu on your administration panel. You can add a RSS feed to this widget

You can  find the demo on the right side of my blog.


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