fla-img-sw: yet another open source stuff

I am happy to annouce the release of the following open source stuff which is images rollover flash movie clip (or you can call it HTML flash component). It looks like a gadget other than a whole project. Once you get the source code, you may open the fla source file with Adobe Flash 8.0 or higher version.

This gadget I developed can be dated back to 2 years ago, and the primary progamming language is ActionScript 2.0. My client requires a image rollover component that can easily embed to the existing website, that give me the chance to develop such a flash toy. It is small in size and quite efficient in runtime. The open source version is the original verion. You can find a demo in Product Demo, which is the  commercial version. The commercial one has been changed a little bit to fit my client’s need. The open source one contains smooth transition effects when switching images and browsing the thumbnail. My client don’t like those special effects. 

You can download the full version of the flash image rollover component on: http://code.google.com/p/fla-img-switch/

Or just simply get the source code via: 

svn checkout http://fla-img-switch.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ fla-img-switch-read-only

Enjoy. :-)

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