Kimport v1.5.0 installation guide

Just like the other components, you need to install Kimport before using it.


  • Have joomla 1.5.x installed.
  • Login to joomla adminitration page as Super Administrator role user.

Installation: (3 Steps)

  1. Select install/uninstall from the main menu. If you can’t see the sub-menu on top, please confirm if you have an Super Admin role privilege.
    install step 1step 1
  2. Select the on your local folder. Press “Upload File & Install” button.  
    step 2step 2
  3. After a short while (com_kimport is small size), you can see the successful post-screen.     
    Step 3step 3

Now you can see “Kimport” sub-menu on the “Components” menu on top.

4 thoughts on “Kimport v1.5.0 installation guide”

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  2. I installed Kimport, but after installation nothing happened even the components/com_kimport folder is blank. why ? plz help

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