SwiftData Swift 3 version

SwiftData is a toolkit / wrapper that is required required by cordova-geofence plugin, I need it to be compiled on Xcode 8.3, so need it to upgrade to swift 3 support. Please use the swift 3 branch when you need it too.

Unfortunately, Xcode 8.3 remove swift 2.3 support, so any project that is built on swift 2.3 will need to upgrade to swift 3.

The Git repository is at:


Cordova Geofence Plugin Swift 3 version

Cordova Geofence Plugin is a great app when you need to implement the geofence function on your app. However, the original version only supports swift 2.3, which is painful for new Xcode (8.3+). I fork the project and make some changes and let it support swift 3. Hope it will be benefit for all the developers.

I have put it to my GitHub. Please refer to:

cordova plugin add https://github.com/coolmate/cordova-plugin-geofence.git#swift3

The updates:

  • Update SwiftyJSON.swift, from https://github.com/SwiftyJSON/SwiftyJSON, it is officially supporting swift 3.
  • SwiftData.swift, the author doesn’t upgrade to swift 3, so I have to update it myself
  • The plugin itself.
  • Add @Objc to swift functions

Plugin to monitor circular geofences using mobile devices. The purpose is to notify user if crossing the boundary of the monitored geofence.

Geofences persist after device reboot. You do not have to open your app first to monitor added geofences

Some Must-have PHP+MySQL development tools and utilities

After being a web developer for so many years, I find that myself is still a big PHP fan. The reasons are quite obvious: first of all, it is lightweight, very easy to deploy to any server in the world, and it is free! There are also a lot of open source PHP frameworks such as CakePHP, Yii that we can use. As a PHP web developer, I want to share some tools here with my comments. Hope that they are useful.

1. WAMPServer (Apache/MySQL/PHP included)

Setup PHP+MySQL development environment in no time. It is not very hard to setup the development environment by yourself, however this tool is extremely helpful if you don’t want to spend your time to do the job that someone else has already done for you.

2. Framework: Bootstrap 3 (or 2.5)

Originally from Twitter team, it is now becoming famous for its responsive framework. I really like to use it because it really saves me time to write a lot of CSS.

3. Useful gadget: Firebug (plugin for firefox)

It is actually nothing to do with PHP, however, if you are developing a website, you don’t want to miss it.

4. Tortoise SVN for window / Tortoise Git for window

Version control. I like to use it because it is seamless embedded in window explorer.

5. Navicat lite

A lightweight MySQL client software. (No more free, please find it through google for the old version, trust me, old version is good as well)

6. NetBeans IDE

Open source PHP IDE. Other option: If you are developing open source project, you can also get a PHP Storm for free.

What else?

There are bunch of software/tools help to improve the productivity that can be found on Design Junction‘s Ultimate Free Toolkit for Internet Web Ninjas as well. Hundreds of tools are listed.

:-) Thank you

For those who want to get a analysis tools for dentist


Thank you for showing your interest of this gadget.

I didn’t notice that there so many demands on this gadget. Instead of sending request in the blog, please send me email. My email is at the bottom of my blog.


jCarousel Lite Mouse Hover Event Improvement

jCarousel Lite is a fantastic jQuery plug-in to display photo gallery. You can have a look at the demo at: http://www.gmarwaha.com/jquery/jcarousellite/#demo

On this demo, the photo gallery will only scroll left or right when you click on the left arrow and right arrow. On jCarousel’s document, we can initialize the carousel start scrolling when the page finishes loading by specify the option: auto

visible: 4,
<strong>auto: true</strong>,
speed: 2000

What if I want it to stop when my mouse hover on any of the images? Oh, jCarousel does not originally handle mouse hover event. Well, DIY time.

Firstly, download the carousel original source code from the official website

open that file (jcarousellite_1.0.1.js)

Second, add a code block between line “function go(to){” (about line 292):

//&lt;!--add by koumei
var isMouseOver = false;
isMouseOver = true;
isMouseOver = false;
//add by koumei--&gt;
function go(to) {

Third, modify function go: (around line 293)

Change "if(!running)" to "if(!running &amp;&amp; !isMouseOver)"

Fourth, DONE.

Quite simple, I hope the author will consider this function to the next release. :-)

You can also download my modified version and the demo at:


koumei.net Weather Channel

Koumei.net Weather Channel is released today using koumei.net RSS 2 Json service. For now only have Melbourne, Adelaide and 3 cities in between. Just for my convenience :-)

If you want to make yours, just download the source code yourself: Source Code

The weather service makes use of weather RSS from Yahoo! weather channel. And change to client side RSS to Json converter in koumei.net (A Simple Rss2Json Service Released!: http://blog.koumei.net/2009/03/20/a-simple-rss2json-service-released/).  So make sure you have javascript supported browser either on the phone or pc.

And here it is: http://weather.koumei.net :-)

bing! site wide search plug-in for wordpress

It’s somehow a little bit useful to have bing search engine integrate to your website. I just create a plug-in for wordpress regarding this. This plug-in is designed to be a right panel widget. If you need, just download the ZIP file and upload to your wordpress plug-in, activate it, then you can arrange the widget on your right panel.

You can also define the title for this plug-in: you need to setup the search site, if you don’t, then will be the current site. Please note that “http://” is not needed as shown below:

On the right panel, you can see the bing site search widget is activated:

And when you type in the search bar with your keyword,  you will see the search result:

Simple and easy, just go to open source section: http://blog.koumei.net/open-source/#bing